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Relaxing music of nature


Listen to all sounds from the nature, the perfect app to relax and sleep with all relaxing music and sounds. nature sounds for freeYou will be able to mix sounds and saving them in order to listen to them whenever you want. The app offers a timer which will be able to turn off the sounds by itself.
At the same time you will be able to view images from the nature. You shall be able to set up this sounds as your ringtone or for the wake up alarm. It’s a perfect anti-stress app.
Listen to the sound from the ocean waves, rain and storms with thunder, you will feel as if your were in the beach. Listen to the sea-breeze and seagulls, water droplets and water fountains, enjoy the fire, also you will be able to enjoy the cicada's song, night crickets and frogs sounds. Enjoy the cheerful song of canaries, from the forest birds, and the howl of the wolf. All of this may be mixed with violin, guitar, piano or harp sounds. It is perfect to relax.